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A PASSION for Disruptive Innovation

Christen Ager-Hanssen Group CEO
The Original Disrupter in the Media Industry

Disrupt or be Disrupted: That is the question– in particular for business and industry leaders. Custos an Investment Company and rapidly emergent Media House is powered by a passion to change the world through their own brand of Disruptive Innovation. The Custos Group invests in start-up and young companies as well as more established entities geared for change. They kick-start and accelerate growth for their ventures by providing access to the Custos Group ecosystem, offering inventive assets and unique venture expertise. The Custos Ventures part of the team works closely with Group Companies to provide fast access to the market with their ”Go to Market Muscle.” Mentorship and growth financing are readily made available. Custos & Metro Media House have launched a truly ground-breaking media-for-revenue and media-for-equity business model (opening the door to advertising time in return for revenue-sharing or equity). The Custos history is rich in successful investment/disruption, having divested several portfolio companies at extraordinary multiples on an investment. Others are now standing by for public offerings. We are looking for the enterprising disruptive innovators of tomorrow and world-beaters in Digital Disruption.

  • Digital Disruption

    Custos is 100% focused on applying digital disruption in all our businesses

  • Digital Innovation

    Custos is 100% committed to Digital Innovation. We have established Custos Lab for this purpose


    The Custos team is 100% equipped with deep insight into business models, AI, Big Data, Technology, Leadership, Knowledge and Network Capital

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