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Disrupt or be Disrupted: That is the question– in particular for business and industry leaders.

Custos, an Investment Company and rapidly emergent Media House is powered by a passion to change the world through their own brand of Disruptive Innovation. The Custos Group invests in start-up and young companies as well as more established entities geared for change. They kick-start and accelerate growth for their ventures by providing access to the Custos Group ecosystem, offering inventive assets and unique venture expertise.

The Custos Ventures part of the team works closely with Group Companies to provide fast access to the market with their ”Go to Market Muscle.” Mentorship and growth financing are readily made available.

Custos & Metro Media House have launched a truly ground-breaking media-for-revenue and media-for-equity business model (opening the door to advertising time in return for revenue-sharing or equity).

The Custos history is rich in successful investment/disruption, having divested several portfolio companies at extraordinary multiples on an investment. Others are now standing by for public offerings.

Custos Group are looking for the enterprising disruptive innovators of tomorrow and world-beaters in Digital Disruption. 

Custos Group, a private Investment Group led by Christen Ager-Hanssen, innovative entrepreneur and investor with long range vision and little tolerance for unprofitability in the business world. Custos operates from its Head office in London with satellite offices in Stockholm and Oslo.  

The Custos Company invests in ventures based on Ager-Hanssen’s Disruptive Investment Model developed in the mid '90s when he amassed a fortune pioneering the Internet Industry. Mention end of 20th Century Internet Visionary, and the name Ager-Hanssen surfaces. 

Today Ager-Hanssen’s Investment Model is branded as Custos 5C, and meticulously represents his Disruptive Investment Model. With a Swedish subsidiary, Custos Group is far from a newcomer. Its roots run deep into the heart of Sweden’s industrial history. In 1937 AB Custos was founded by Skandinaviska Kredit as an investment vehicle, the primary purpose of which was the acquisition of shares the bank had received following the 1930’s market crash. At this time, AB Custos controlled strategic stakes in companies such as Volvo, Skanska, Swedish Match, SEB, SCA, Huvudstaden, and Billerud. The business proved to be extremely lucrative earning Custos the eminent reputation as one of the most powerful and influential investment companies in Sweden.

A Custos Group company acquired the Custos historical trade mark in 2015. Currently Custos is an Investment Company focusing on investing in Disruptive Innovation and the Media Industry. Sole owner of the subsidiary Metro Media House, one of Sweden's biggest and most innovative media houses, Custos structured Metro as a mass appeal brand besides a digital news company with the largest circulation. 

“A Passion for Disruption” is the mantra and catch-phrase designed to empower the brand as an” original disruptor”. Jan Hugo Stenbeck, the renowned Swedish entrepreneur once shook the media world with Metro, and built the largest newspaper on the planet. Custos however, intends to take it further, re-thinking Metro and devising a plan to elevate it to a new level, breaking through glass ceiling via a state-of-the-art digital focus. Our goal is to become the most avant-garde, new generation media centre not only in Northern Europe, but globally. 

Metro has incubated several impressive businesses: some successfully divested while others still within the Group. Growth development and expansion form a central cornerstone in the Custos value creation process. 

We reach three million people in Sweden every week. But above all we define our audience as valuable interested readers. Metro is by far Sweden's largest daily print newspaper with a young, vibrant no-frills millennial readership. It’s a whole different culture and mind-set, decades younger than the competition. Quick and readily available, Metro provides online journalism that engages, is enjoyed and shared, and draws participation with readers comments. A few clicks, several scrolls and readers are informed, up-dated and ready to start the day knowledgeable in a variety of fields.  

The team behind Custos Group has collaborated for decades, and has a history of disrupting traditional business models, whether in law, finance, technology and media. While ever mindful of the laws, regulations and traditions governing the environments in which we operate, the Custos team breaks boundaries (but never rules) in the pursuit of success, and has often ”seen the unseen’ leading to a transformation in the prospects of portfolio companies. 

Custos innovators were born with a passion and focus to launch and lead in whichever industry promises profitable investment potential. Whether introducing our network, providing leading intellectual support, guidance and experience on operations or visionary marketing opportunities, Custos is always in tune with a ”passion for disruption’ in every venture we undertake.

Custos Group Companies have a total turnover in excess of MGBP 50 and have approximately 200 employees. Headquartered in London, Custos Group has offices in Stockholm and Oslo.  

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Christen Ager-Hanssen, Group CEO

What we do



What does Custos Group deliver to interested ventures?

We invest with our 5C business model based on the combination of 5 types of Capital, Financial, Operating, Network, Intellectual, and Marketing, all of which create more value than the mere supply of financial capital.

  • Custos emphasises the non-financial capital contribution of marketing, know-how, research and ideas, applied through its resource pool and its unique access to key market audiences. 
  • Custos places confidence in its “Go to Market Muscle” as the essential reason for the success of our ventures. Most investment companies focus exclusively on financial capital and/or advice. Custos, however, steps out of the box, bringing all the 5 C’s - Financial, Operational, Innovation, Network and (most important) Market Capital.
  • Custos is convinced that new businesses require strong commercial guidance and determination - combined with new disruptive logic and boldness and not just cash.
  • Custos believes that for established businesses to survive, they need the proficiency to apply disruptive new logic into their old business models and the competency to create and execute a disruptive transformation.
  • Custos has the vision, resources and infrastructure to make the most of new industrial knowledge, disruptive transformation and digital disruption, to kick-start ventures and to fuel dramatic growth in our portfolio companies through our unique, one of a kind access to Market Capital (audience access).

Whereas Sweden is the land of the Unicorn, Stockholm is akin to Silicon Valley boasting one of the hottest tech hubs in the world having incubated many of the most exciting companies with global reach such as Spotify, Skype and Minecraft. Stockholm runs through our DNA leading us to utilize our advertising space as invaluable currency to kick-start the leading edge ventures of tomorrow.

We create, develop and transform companies for success, capitalising on opportunities involving the entire business cycle. This is accomplished by going beyond bringing Financial Capital

  • Market Capital - Access to marketing in key markets such as Scandinavia,UK and US
  • Innovation Capital - Research new areas for investment, understand markets and competitors, develop new business models, seek out M&A opportunities
  • Network and Infrastructure Capital - Connected across Europe, USA and Asia with business activities already bridged between UK, US, China and Scandinavia
  • Operational Capital - An Investment Manager guides each portfolio company. The Investment Manager allocates appropriate resources to fuel the success of the portfolio company

Custos unlock the potential of any B2B2C or B2C company by offering access to our incomparable ”Go to Market Muscle” in one of the world’s most adaptable and electrifying markets. Sweden is often viewed as a frontrunner in adopting pioneering technologies and setting consumer trends that impact on a grand scale. With this track record, our goal is to bring the Scandinavian philosophy, work ethic and business history of disruption to the rest of the world.

You are welcome to join us on our journey!