THE ORIGINAL DISRUPTER , Jan Hugo Stenbeck founder of Metro

Custos Group Mission


Stay in the forefront in revolutionizing the new Media Industry through Disruptive Innovation. 

Through our distribution channels with focus on the digital space, we empower, engage and inspire our audience with up-to-date content that entertains millions of people everyday. Our audience are our currency and we trade that currency  against equity stake in new and upcoming companies that want to leverage our go to market muscle


We love innovation and have the passion for making the impossible possible.

Disrupt or be disrupted


The trends towards digitalisation, big data, “internet of things” and AI will continue to disrupt businesses at an increasingly rapid pace. The Media Industry will heavily be affected in the coming years, and no company can be complacent about these trends. At the heart of these trends lie not only business risks, but also business opportunities. Companies with a willingness to invest to be part of, or even stay in the forefront of, the new paradigm will be positioned to prosper while others will be at risk of extinction. Companies that enable more ubiquitous access to information, products and services, knowledge sharing, or that lower the cost in interactions and transactions, are likely to see strong growth going forward.